Thursday, December 10, 2009


OK, so there's another PEW survey out. It's being predictably garbled in news reports, of course. Don't journalism majors have to take any classes in statistics or in reading scientific reports or articles?

I didn't think the WashPost's take was too bad; it doesn't say much, just reports the gist. I find it amusing that it's considered news that we mix'n'match beliefs, kind of puts the whole thing in the realm of a "duh-study", but the article concludes with someone sort of pointing that out, so I guess that's all right. (Watching TV over Thanksgiving Boom-Boom made a comment at the TV about the characters being from "The Federal Bureau of Duh". LOL.)

So, any thoughts from the ghosts or others who might be reading this? Did Pew call 4,000 people for a duh-study? Was it worthwhile anyway? Is it somehow important to document levels of acceptance of beliefs that are not within our own dogma? Does it imply an increased religious or other tolerance in the population, and is that the same or different than a shift in the mainstream culture?

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Dena♥ said...

I agree, a "duh-study"