Friday, October 3, 2008

Low-Fat vs. Low-Carb

So WebMD has another article about the relationship between a high-fat diet and inflammation and obesity/metabolic syndrome, this time pointing to the hypothalamus as the mediating organ. While the suggestion that a high-fat diet causes inflammation that worsens obesity/metabolic syndrome is not new, low-carb diet furvor edged out low-fat diet dogma years ago, and the low-carb promoters still have hegemony.

Now while I maintain the view that oversimplification breeds extremism and failure in diets just as in everything else, I do need to sort this out, since genetics and industrial disease put me at high risk for developing metabolic syndrome soon myself if I don't get my BMI below 25. My smart-but-no-bedside-manner physician persistently reminds me of that, which works as well as an apple-a-day, apparently, only in reverse. ;)

Data-phile that I am, one of the things I love about FitDay is that I can look at, or experiment if you will, with which approach works best for me. After a Summer of this, I think that the low-fat approach works better for me. I supplement with 3g of DHA daily and although I have to have butter and dislike margerine, I use olive oil rather than canola or other vegetable oils. So understand that I'm not talking about anything remotely like ultra-low-fat craziness. But while I understand that carbs hold water and that affects weight, too, from my own observation of my own body's response to diet, weight loss is more likely when I limit fat than when I limit carbs. Of course the primary thing I need to curb is my stupid sweet tooth, but I try to take in more grams of protein than of fat, and I think when I succeed at that, my diet improves. So I guess I'm a believer in the too-much-fat-causes-inflammation-causes-metabolic-disorder-and-obesity theory. (But it's not a Grand Unification Theory, ferpetesakes.)

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