Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ajna/Brow Chakra Spring Cleaning (Indigo?)

OK, so how about spring cleaning that brow chakra? That would be the den or home office. Well, over the past 2 days that has moved a bit. My "home office" is the laptop, which has lied (lain? ohwhocares) next to my chair in the living room for most of its life, but since yesterday is in the bedroom with me, at least temporarily. The story of why that is would bore even the dog, but the laptop will be migrating with me from room to room every few days for the next week or so. Perhaps this will suffice to dust off my brow chakra? I'll try the lucid dreaming, too, but I haven't practiced in ages, so I can't really expect much success.

The color Indigo for the ajna/brow chakra is an interesting proposition. It's not really blue and red mushed together, so what is it? In the context of selling gemstones, it's "light, knowledge, power, dignity, meditation, and contemplation". Hmm. This site says that it's indigo because "clairvoyant" people see it that way. Doubtful hmm. As flaky as this site seems, I'm actually most drawn to its proposal that the ajna chakra is indigo because the 1st chakra, which is red, is flowing around and back through the Violet 7th and Indigo 6th to the 5th chakra, which is blue, so that the ajna is intermediate and therefore indigo.

Since my dinky little blog that no one reads is, when combined with 100 million other dinky little blogs that no one reads, a threat to The American Way (as interpreted by SonyBMG), I have to link to today's musical selection, as embedding has been disabled by request.

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