Saturday, April 25, 2009

Truth of the Cessation of Suffering (Yellow)

Update regarding the media-hyped link between obesity and global warming: "We argue that increased population adiposity, because of its contribution to climate change from additional food and transport GHG emissions, should be recognized as an environmental problem." The actual study is based on energy consumption estimates, not assumptions about behaviors, which would be dodgier. One interesting point raised in the discussion:
"Because some studies show that up to one-third of
the food that is purchased is wasted, higher food consumption
is likely to result in more food waste. The
majority of waste food is either landfilled, where
organic waste releases the powerful greenhouse gas
methane when it decomposes, or it is incinerated producing
CO2. Although wasted food increases the GHG
impact of the overweight population, we have not
included these emissions in our estimates."

So, yes, the fat-hating media has way-hyped and distorted this actually quite reasonable "duh" study.

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