Friday, January 29, 2010

Cartoon Dharma

Wherein Leamur confesses to being a 'toonhead to her imaginary readership that doesn't know her personally and already shake their heads at her incorrigible immaturity...

I love cartoons. Bugs Bunny is my hero, and I think cartoons are a wonderful art form with great potential for teaching/learning. While "talkies" are not valueless, I believe one feature of great cartooning is lack of verbal dialogue. Pixar works this nicely in their best cartoon shorts, but brevity is not always necesary to a good cartoon, as in this example. It's in two parts, and worth the time.

And I love that the Buddha seems to be GuanYin (Chinese female Avelokiteshvara), although she's sitting Buddha-style and I've usually seen her represented standing.

They shouldn't have menaced the poor mouse, tho'...

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