Monday, February 8, 2010

Kung Fu Raccoon vs. Sumo Rabbit

& a lot of red-eyed rabbits:

(Is it just me or does the kung fu raccoon sound Mexican?)

The guy who did these (myshland) had previously done the following cartoon, which he describes thusly:

Two bureaucrats guard the passage between this world and the next one, guiding those who died to their next incarnation. Their routine is interrupted by a man who doesn't play by the rules.

This one's a talkie, but since it's in...Hebrew, I guess?...(which might as well be Greek to Leamur), and since it doesn't seem to require the meaning of the words to "get" the 'toon, it's in a gray area as far as whether it has the feature of great cartoons of not requiring speaking or narration.

Dude seems to escape rebirth, but not the Buddhist way...

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