Monday, February 15, 2010

Not Always a Story

Animation does not always tell a story. Neither do songs.

But we tend to find stories, don't we? Our minds work to make them up from what we see/hear/feel, whether or not we want to or mean to.

Sorry for the poor sound quality on this last one, but it's one of my fav pieces of music and IMO historically interesting/significant. Betcha can't keep from seeing a story...

OK, I totally cheated, the music in that last one has a story, and the animation follows it. How does the music have the story? By what means? And how does the animation show it? How do the shapes and their movement represent characters and a story? How do some of the shapes seem more or less abstract to us than others?

Great stuff. Way to go, Norman. May all beings benefit from your life & work. R.I.P., eh?

Who's Norman McLaren?

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